Paprika Tomato Pilaf with Sweet Prawns

-Eastern cuisine-

Limited fridge content often leads to great meals, it forces you to unknown – sometimes doubtful – combinations. As a rice-loving person one of my favorite dishes is pilaf. It originates from the Middle East and Central Asia. The standard ingredient is rice and as for the other ingredients, you can really throw in anything you like. In this case that will be my fridge leftovers:  paprika, tomatoes, carrots and some onion.

The secret to a great pilaf is the stock. I found a nice pilaf recipe by Nigella Lawson. I must admit that the prawns which she is suggesting were not a part of my fridge leftovers, I had a quick run to the store to get those. For the stock, I kept Nigella’s recipe. On the pilaf and the prawns I added a sweet touch using mirin.


– 2 shallots

– 3 garlic toes

– 2 fresh red chili peppers (make sure to remove the seeds, unless you’re über-resistant to spicy)

– 1 chopped paprika

– 1 cup long grain rice (I like to use brown rice)

– 2-3 cups stock

– 2 table spoons mirin (Japanese rice wine)

– olive oil and butter

Melt the butter with olive oil in a pre-heated over of 175°C . Add the onions and chili and soften for about 10 minutes in the oven.

Add rice and stir until rice becomes translucent. Add stock, chopped paprika and mirin. Cover with a lid and bake in oven for 40 minutes.

Leave 10 minutes to rest. The prawns I have marinated in olive oil, chili and mirin. Briefly bake in pan and serve with the pilaf.



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