Boursin stuffed Chicken in Bacon with Paprika Coulis

– Mediterranean cuisine-

Exploring a world of unknown ingredients can make you feel like traveling the world, but sometimes it is nice to just stay close to the good old familiar basics. Today’s menu is ideal for times when you are not ready to compromise and just want it all. Chicken wrapped in bacon and stuffed with cheese, veggies and herbs. And add some delicious sweet paprika coulis to it all.


Paprika coulis: 4 red paprika, 200 gr cherry tomatoes,  100 ml stock (I used the leftover from when I prepared pilaf, but you can also use regular veggie bouillon), 1 table spoon of brown sugar.

Pre-heat your oven to 200°C, place the paprikas on a baking tray and poor over a good amount of olive oil. Leave in oven for 20 mins.

Leave to cool, peel off skin from paprikas, remove stem and seeds and cut into pieces. Bring to boil together with cherry tomatoes in stock. As sugar (only if you like it sweet) and leave to simmer for about 20 mins. Mix and bring to taste with pepper and salt.

Stuffed Chicken (for 2 persons): 2 chicken breast, 3 cherry tomaties cut in half, 75 gr cheese (I adore Boursin, but you can also use goat cheese), 6 slices of breakfast bacon, fresh thyme and rosemary.

Cut chicken breast open (make sure not to cut into 2 halfs though) and season with pepper & salt. Add cheese, cherry tomatoes and herbs. Fold to close and wrap in bacon slices. Put in pre-heated oven at 200°C for 30 minutes. Do not cover but make sure to flip sides halfway through the cooking time.

Serve chicken with paprika coulis. Goes well with couscous or pasta!

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