Recipes of an Italian Summer

– Book review-

Last weekend I went to Passa Porta, probably my favorite bookshops in Brussels. I have to install triple locks on my wallet each time I go there, but regardless of how hard I try to stick to passive shopping, I rarely end up walking out without binded paper in my hands. This time my eye fell on Recipes of an Italian Summer (Dutch title: De Zomer van de Zilveren Lepel). Phaidon describes this book as “the ultimate Italian summer cookbook filled with delicious, easy-to-make seasonal recipes” but then again they published it, so why would they claim otherwise. Recipes of an Italian Summer is the follow-up edition of The Silver Spoon, which is considered as the bible for Italian cooking.

Since I bought the book 5 days ago, I have tested 4 different recipes and most of them were enthusiastically approved. The pictures inside are honest – the food looks like it has actually been prepared, not polished and glued to the plate like you see in some other cookbooks – and the recipes are easy to read. The two ribbon page markers are an extra treat for ribbon lovers like myself. A tiny downside of the book is the large variation of servings on which the recipes are based. If you don’t pay attention, you’ll be cooking for 16 persons. Typical Italian family dinner size that is I guess.

All with all, I’ve been having a hard time leaving this book on the bookshelf. It’s definitely a must have for summer.

Recipes of an Italian Summer, ISBN 978-0714857732 , Phaidon.


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