Since Belgium and sunshine seem to be in a state of no interaction this summer, I was thrilled to be under a deep blue Portuguese sky for my holidays. Five consecutive days of sunshine, it almost felt like a miracle. I was even more happy when I found out that Portuguese cuisine is as good as the average guide book is telling you. Bairro Alto, Lisbon’s most famous restaurant area, hosts a great deal of cosy restaurants which serve grilled fish and meat of good quality for a decent price.

SUL is located in the Rua do Norte, in the center of Bairro Alto. Both the interior and the menu of this restaurant are traditional, yet with a contemporary touch to it. I especially liked their goat cheese salad, which was different from the many (MANY) other goat cheese salads I had before, mainly because of the great quality dried ham which was replacing the commonly used bacon. Their starter with ricotta and eggplant is also tasty, but not recommended if you want to fully enjoy your main course, because the portion of ricotta is huge and rather heavy on your stomach.

For the main course, the stone grill is an absolute must if you’re into meat. Served with a great tomato salsa (which will be in the cooky-paste section soon) and butter potatoes this plate is an explosion of calories, but the walk back to your hotel in Lisbon – the city built on 7 hills, will make up for a lot. Fans of fish will not be disappointed by the cod risotto, which is worthy enough to compete with Italian risotto.

I’m sure there was also a dessert menu, but unfortunately I was already out of the running before that order could be placed.

Sul,  Rua do Norte 13, Bairro Alto, Lisboa


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