What drink is better to celebrate summer than a bright colored and ice cold limoncello? There is no way of competing with the original Italian recipe, but you can be sure that your homemade version will be lots and lots better than the average bottle you can buy in stores. A handful of ingredients and a good size portion of patience is all you need.

Limoncello: 8 lemons (organic), 1l alchocol 94%, 700gr sugar, 1l water

Phase 1: Scrape the peel from the lemons. Because peel is the only part you’ll be using , it is important to use organic lemons. Also be careful to stop scraping before you hit the white skin, because  this layer would make your limoncello taste bitter. Put the scraped peel into a large weck jar (2l or larger) and add the alcohol. Place in a dry and dark place for one month. Yes, this is where patience enters the scene. Stir occassionaly, or just shake the jar, that way you don’t have to open it. You’ll see the alcohol absorbing the yellow color from the lemon peels already after a few days.

Phase 2: Sift the alcohol through a coffee filter to separate from the peels. Dissolve the sugar in boiling water and add to the alcohol. Once again leave for a month in a dark space.

Phase 3: Fill a few small weck bottles and place them in the freezer. The coldness will make the texture more thick, a bit syrupy. To enjoy the most, serve in frozen shot glasses.


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